Music Today

Genre Profile: Emo Punk

By Mike Ciecierski

Hey, remember when emo was cool? Oh wait, neither do I.

That’s because before bands like Underoath and Senses Fail came along, bands like Cap’n Jazz, Rites of Spring, and Sunny Day Real Estate were dismissed as a “phase” in emotional punk music. That being said, the bands that truthfully held onto the integrity of emotional punk music have always had a solid following, but now, the genre is resurfacing as something fresh in the underground music scene.

Bands like Algernon Cadwallader, Snowing, Tigers Jaw, and Balance and Composure are bringing back emotional intensity with melodic guitar riffs over harsh, yelling vocals. Just as intense as the recordings sound, the live, intimate shows are equally as heartfelt on both the band’s and the audience’s part.

Along with that, a lot of the artists choose to release their recordings on vinyl or cassette, keeping the sentimentality of music alive without jeopardizing their D.I.Y ethics.

So just remember next time someone you know tries to insult emo, remember that it’s not all about girl jeans and hair straighteners.



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