Where are they now?: Mike Corbett

Mike Corbett, center, is the front man for Midnight Spin

By Brendan Harte Gilsenan

“Once Guns N’ Roses is done you guys can sound check.” Excuse me? Did he Guns N’ Roses?

In early 2010 Mike Corbett and the rest of Midnight Spin found themselves unexpectedly sharing the bill with ‘the most dangerous band in the world’ (or at least Axl Rose’s current version of it). At first the band was pissed that their sound check for a show at the former CBGB was pushed back. But once they found out why… “We were like, ‘Holy Shit!’” says Corbett, an ’06 JMU alum.

Since leaving James Madison University (he tackled his remaining six credits between UCLA and University of Maryland), the former Media Arts and Design major has been making a splash with the Brooklyn based Midnight Spin.

Having released their first EP in the summer of 2009, Midnight Spin is currently writing its debut full-length. The band has a handful of songs finished, but hope to have about thirteen to choose from when hitting the studio in March.

Midnight Spin has generated some label interest in the past, but now that the band has solidly established its sound, Corbett thinks signing is something more likely to be considered. Either way, he is anxious to release new music. “Once the album’s out we’re just going to live in a van and be total hobos,” he says.

The band has made its way down to JMU twice – once, playing for a party in Forrest Hills, and again playing Bourbon Street. “That was a fun show”, he says of the latter with a chuckle. “We were inebriated. It was a good day.” During his college days, Corbett played in a band called CJ’s Novel.

“The immortal CJ’s Novel,” he reminisces. “All the Pi Kappa Phi kids will want to remember that.” An alum of PiKapp himself, Corbett and his band would play many of the fraternity’s parties. “We were kind of the house band,” he says.

Corbett has come a long way since then. “That kinda summed up just, being a young band in New York,” he says of playing with Axl Rose and company. “That idea that you know, really a lot is going on here and that any thing is possible.”

From playing fraternity parties to playing with Guns N’ Roses, Corbett’s experiences continue to push him forward. “Harrisonburg’s kind of a small town; New York is a little bigger. Even still, regardless of where you are, you should be playing.”



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