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Evan Morris mixes things up in the ‘Burg

By Katie Hirtz Evan Morris has all the elements for the musician equation: years of familial influence plus experience with several instruments plus lots and lots of formal training equal a pretty solid musician. But Evan is more than pretty solid. He’s fucking excellent. Evan, a senior SMAD major from Northern Virginia, grew up in … Continue reading

Where are they now?: Mike Corbett

By Brendan Harte Gilsenan “Once Guns N’ Roses is done you guys can sound check.” Excuse me? Did he Guns N’ Roses? In early 2010 Mike Corbett and the rest of Midnight Spin found themselves unexpectedly sharing the bill with ‘the most dangerous band in the world’ (or at least Axl Rose’s current version of … Continue reading

Absolutely no brown M&M’s

By Brendan Harte Gilsenan Absolutely no brown M&M’s. Van Halen was notorious for making this request during the 1980s. For every concert they performed, there was a laundry list of demands. From the quirky to the bizarre, unique requests are made all the time by artists performing at shows. Over the years James Madison University … Continue reading

Music Among Us: A brief profile of Joseph Taylor

By Andy Fram & Molly Greenhood It’s a chilly day in mid February as we navigate the persistently humid halls of the music building. We arrive at a door at the end of the hallway on the second floor, knock and wait. A few seconds later the door swings open, and music industry professor Joseph … Continue reading